Start-ups in Indian and the UK contexts

We will conduct key stakeholder interviews and surveying in order to establish the factors specific to FinTech start-ups that influence their ability and appetite to trade internationally. We will initially identify key respondents (target of 20 interviews), which we envisage including senior representatives of regulatory agencies, existing banks and financial service firms, emergent FinTech start-ups, investment firms, and any firms that have to date successfully overcome the barriers to trade in FinTech services between India and the UK. Start-ups will be identified from firms identified on the Startup India website and from other reports published by agencies such as Hurun Research Institute, Zinnov, TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), and NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies). We will also use snowballing to identify a range of participants, as well as identifying relevant target stakeholders during current knowledge and regulations.

We will undertake semi-structured interviews with the key stakeholders to produce data for our analysis of the factors that are specific to start-ups in having the appetite and ability to trade internationally. We will enhance this with a survey instrument to gather (thinner) data on a wider range of further respondents. Topics for the data collection (survey questions and interview guides) will be informed by the work of Current Knowledge and Regulations, but can already anticipate that certain topics – such as funding potential – will be included. We will transcribe the interviews and undertake thematic analysis using the transcriptions using qualitative analysis software.