Thematic coverage of the regulatory policy

The thematic coverage (policy / regulatory areas) and analytical framework will be informed by Current Knowledge. We can anticipate certain key areas that will certainly be included – such as the question of data protection – and will enhance these with areas that are identified as important in current knowledge. In the case of data protection, we know that FinTech services often collect and make use of substantial quantities of personal and financial data, so we will need to analyse the implications of data protection regimes on the development of FinTech and cross-border trade in FinTech and FinTech-enabled services. We will aim to understand how regulations are implemented in relation to these (and other) questions, both for ensuring compatibility between nations (which is vital for reducing friction in trade) and for ensuring that the processes are suitable for consumers (being acceptable to consumers and providing them with ethical protections). We will undertake both qualitative content analysis and text mining (programmatic) analysis of the corpus of documents.